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Untitled, Unused, and Unhappy Little Document

20 March
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Since I don't like to discuss my personal life much (don't take it personally; it's just rather boring, that's all), my journal is mostly an outlet for my creative energies. You can expect to find details about my various craft projects here, and feel free to comment on them, constructively criticize, etc. etc.

I do a number of things, including paper projects (ATCs, inchies, scrapbooking, book binding), sewing (which I suck at, but hey...it's never stopped me!), knitting (which I also suck at), and pretty much anything else that catches my interest. I'm a thrift store junkie who hates overspending and throwing useful items away, so a lot of the stuff I put together is cheap and recycled. Way before the eco-movement came along, I used to try to find justifications for these "waste-not" tendencies of mine, but I've since come to realize that it's just the way I am, and I've stopped trying to make excuses for it. I plan to write a book someday on cheap, recycled crafts, but you know how that goes...

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