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Lounging around on a (fake) weekend

Being off Fridays is nice, even if I have to work a crazy schedule to make the hours back (not by choice!) But it is nice to have an extra day to hang out and work on personal projects. My son says, too, that he really likes being at home and relaxing. He's a pretty social kid, but he seems to really prefer being at our house, which is pretty cozy, to be honest.

I'm working on getting all the downloadable things I used to offer into one place (again). This time, though, I'm planning on putting up redirect links to make things a bit easier for everyone. It takes a bit of time, since I have other things going on, but I've had a few people ask about them over the years, and I'd like to get them back up for those who are still interested.

I have some online shopping splurges coming in the mail and I promise there will be pictures when they arrive--I found a place online that makes and sells limited edition video game soundtracks on vinyl. If that isn't the most hipster thing I've ever come across then I don't know what is, but it's like they took all of my favorite things and put them together into one product. They were not cheap.
Tags: #noregrets, freebies, personal, random, website updates
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